When sight, noise, touch, odor and taste are happy, so are the wedding visitors.

Some senses, such as sight, are relatively uncomplicated when creating an occasion. While the other senses are a bit more difficult, they likewise provide a special chance to present uniqueness and character into a style area. We advise the following to change an occasion utilizing the 5 senses:


Mix patterns, textures and colors to interest the eyes. Know the efficiency of some color schemes/patterns to awaken and stimulate visitors. Remember that white develops a state of mind of peace and convenience while orange and yellow produce a welcoming, friendly and social environment. Usage accent color furnishings pieces or devices to include a pop of character to your occasion area. Our Elements collection uses a variety of pillows, carpets, lighting and devices to match your style idea.


Background sound can be calming to your customers and visitors on exactly what is typically a demanding Big Day. An outside environment with calming noises can be re-created inside with water fountains or perhaps something as easy as a stereo tucked behind furnishings pieces.


Keep in mind when you were a kid and you wished to touch whatever? Well, for a few of us, the desire never ever leaves as we age. Incorporate texture into furnishings and ornamental pieces! Integrate various textures into your general style. Usage signature accent pieces such as the Arctic 5 Cream Fur chair or perhaps Box Hedges for your visitors to touch and feel.


Present fragrances into your unique occasion. Usage genuine fruit on or in accent pieces such as the Dome Cages and Drake Lanterns or as alternative to candle lights on Armida Candlesticks. Usage fresh flower pieces also to include a touch of aroma to the space. Another style concept: Choose a signature aroma for the wedding and usage fragrant candle lights to present it into the area. Simply make certain to not exaggerate it. Even the most calming aromas can be excessive when exaggerated in an area.


Attracting taste is most likely the most tough element of preparing a style area. Select taste schemes based upon the bridal couple’s individual design and motivations for the occasion. Serve beverages throughout your occasion, such as water, coffee and floral-infused teas. Teas use the sense of odor and include an unique atmosphere to the space.

Did you understand colors have been revealed to impact hunger in addition to the taste of food? Professionals advise blue color design for seafood and a pink combination for desserts.

Lighting is likewise crucial to make food look more appealing. Our Luna Lighting and Glo Tables collections include an unique aspect to the dining/refreshments location throughout a reception supper or after celebration.

How to design a wedding using all the senses
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